Kraftwerk founders and electro pioneers Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider have been creating futuristic electro music since 1970 at their Kling Klang Studio in Düsseldorf, Germany, using synthetic sounds and voices, minimalist speech singing and lyrics with monotonous industrial rhythms. With the robot as their artistic alter ego and the 3-D visuals of their performances, they have explored the relationship between man and machine in multidisciplinary projects.
This week Kraftwerk gave some exclusive concerts at Cirkus in Stockholm as an extension of the exhibition “Dance Machines – From Léger to Kraftwerk” at Moderna Museet.

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During the concert I found myself smile all the time, these men have inspired me for so many years. It was the best concert I´ve been to for a long time. The tickets for Kraftwerk 3-D shows at Cirkus sold out in no time. To all of you who wants to see them (they will return to Sweden!) I recommend their exclusive 3-D concert in Dalhalla on August 2.