Angelica Stenvinkel

Angelica Stenvinkel based in Sweden and now London, after 3 years in Singapore. She is a driven, creative and ambitious makeup artist and stylist, with 18 years experience in the beauty and fashion industry.

She has been working with makeup since she was 20 years old and has a broad product knowledge, master application techniques and quality of beauty products. She constantly keeps herself updated on the latest trends around the world.

In 2002-2008 she worked as a brand manager in Sweden for the Italian makeup brand Nouba, with sales and training for both large cosmetics chains and makeup schools. She was also the makeup director for numerous fashion shows at Stockholm Fashion Week. Such as Prêt, Yarn Unit, Naja Lauf, Múus Malou Sander and Angelo Marani.

After studies at The Academy of Cutting and Tailoring in Stockholm, she worked in the purchasing department at H&M, including guest design collaborations. During the years in the fashion business her knowledge deepened in fashion design and feel of high quality and fit became stronger.

With experience in both beauty and fashion including sales, purchasing, product development and educator gives her a vast knowledge as a makeup artist and stylist. She delivers the right feeling at the different assignments, both in fashion and advertising.

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Having worked on several of successful fashion shoots with Angelica, I can say that her attention to detail and professional attitude are admirable. Angelica is very creative, easy to work with and always willing to deliver the expected results.


Angelicas passion and dedication, knowledge and sense for makeup and styling is top notch. It’s always a privilege to work with her and her respectful and confident attitude towards all in the working team is truly admirable. Angelica is cool personified.


I play the mother Carina in all commercial series for Bauhaus. For more than a year Angelica Stenvinkel have done the make up and styled the role character.
For me as an actor it’s important to feel confident with makeup, clothes and hair. I know that it brings out the character in a good way and I can devote my focus to the acting.

Angelica is responsive to what I think and I’ve never had to ask her to change anything in her make up or styling .
Makeup brings out the best in my face and she dares to put on a lot of make up to make the facial appearance come out, while the final result still looks natural. When it comes to the styling for clothes it´s like the film crew have asked for. Angelica is present during the shots to make sure everything looks ok. But she is only there and corrects if needed – there is no need to poke all the time.

Something I appreciate a little extra with Angelica is her knowledge of skin care. I already knew a lot about good skincare but Angelica has taught me more about what qualitative organic skin care is.

Angelica is a professional, high quality throughout, inspires confidence, are humble, unpretentious and easy and fun to work with. I can heartily recommend Angelica!