Grazia Singapore


New work for Grazia Singapore May Issue
Shoot in New York in March with this lovely team.

Photographer William Ferchichi
Stylist Angelica Stenvinkel
Hair Mark Esparza
Make up Ashleigh Ciucci
Model Sooya @State
Photographer assistant Anna Istomina

My biggest inspiration


My biggest inspiration is traveling. Here are some pics from my USA trip. From both road trippin´ and my week in Miami and then NYC.


One store I really liked in Miami was The Alchemist. It is like Paris Colette. On Lincoln Road you find this wonderful store full of high fashion brand mixed together with jewelry and books. I had a long and interesting conversation with the store owner about Proenza Schouler and Givenchy. Now I´m even more eager to buy Givenchy´s Pandora Box bag…
You also find another The Alchemist store on the 5th floor in a car park. That is the only store there! Love the contrast that you have a store full of Dior and other couture there.


Miami is full of art. To bad I missed Art Basel which is when the leading international galleries show work from masters of Modern and contemporary art as well as pieces by newly emerging stars, it was in the beginning of december.
Now we went to different museums and galleries so I´m happy anyway.


An other interesting thing is to look at all architecture. Especially in the Artdeco district.

Below is pics from New York, there is just so much to experience in this city.


A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk


On the 13th of september the exhibition A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk opens at FIT Museum in New York. From Cristobal Balenciaga and Christian Dior to Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, many of the greatest fashion designers of the past century have been gay. Indeed, it is widely believed that most male fashion designers are gay. Is this just a stereotype? Or do gay men really have a special relationship with fashion?


The exhibition features approximately 100 ensembles spanning more than a century of fashion. Organized in roughly chronological order, the exhibition explores the history of modern fashion through the lens of gay and lesbian life and culture, addressing subjects including androgyny, dandyism, idealizing and transgressive aesthetic styles, and the influence of subcultural and street styles, including drag, leather and uniforms.
This will be one of my highlights when I go to New York this year! The exhibition ends at the 4th of january 2014.