Behind the scene


Since I moved to London I have worked with several short films. Some of them I have done both makeup, hair and costume styling. The last film I did was in december and I was responsible for makeup and hair. One thing I love with working on films is that you get to meet and work with a lot of people. It was 4 intense days, working 12 hours a day and some days outside.
I am so looking forward to see the final result. I liked the script a lot, the story was about a father and a daughter and their struggle in life.


Gardner and the gang’s Christmas collection exclusively made for Harrods


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to do the styling for the childrens clothing line “Gardner And The Gang”. The inspiring designer Kristin draws all the prints and make characters that all have a story to tell. The original art is all hand-drawn, and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed on organic cotton. The feel on the clothes is really exclusive.

This Christmas collection was exclusively made for Harrods. Launching today on Harrods Knightsbridge and Harrods online shop. Here are some behind the scene pics!


Kristin also lives here in Singapore and she found the perfect location for this photo shoot. The two models Ava and Hugo were so good, no one complaining even though they had so warm and cosy clothes in the tropical heat…


Gardner and the gang’s Christmas collection exclusively made for Harrods.