Ekebergparken in Oslo


This week has been a lot traveling and a lot of work. Now I just arrived from Oslo where I have been working the last days. I was so lucky that one of my clients told me about the opening of Ekebergparken this thursday. So I spent my thursday evening in this beautiful park!

Ekebergparken is a sculpture and national heritage park for the people of Oslo and visitors looking for a unique experience.Visitors to the park are offered a unique art experience in close proximity with Ekeberg’s rich natural landscape and diverse cultural history. The park is large and spacious enough for the artworks not to be visually intrusive, but they are of such high international standard that they justify the trip alone. Once here, however, visitors will in addition to the art enjoy the added value of fantastic views over the city as well as beautiful forested parkland steeped in cultural history.


Here are artwork from:
1. Diane Maclean “Open book”
2. Hilde Mæhlum “Concave face”
3. Salvador Dali “Venus de milo aux tiroirs”
4. Louise Bourgeois “The couple”