Blaxsta Vineyard


Just 1,5 hour car drive from Stockholm you find Blaxsta Vineyard.
Blaxsta Winery produces unique and high quality wines from their own or locally grown raw materials and offer superior wines with distinctive Swedish character. They see opportunities in the challenge to both grow grapes and produce wine in the same place. The control of raw materials, processing of fruit and quality can be monitored continuously. Focus is to offer a special assortment of unique wines produced in small series. With an annual production of about 6000 liters spread of 8-10 different wines, makes these exclusive wines a desirable life experience and exciting taste sensation.

They also run the restaurant Kung Blacke, which is a member of the French restaurant company ”Chaine desRotisseurs” and “White Guide 2012″. Their passions is to lift up the authentic local, fresh and seasonal vegetables and served with fantastic produce from the meadow, forest, field and garden plot. Around the restaurant it grow much of the old rustic vegetable plants that existed at the time of Linnaeus, such as tiger nut, havreror, sugar, carrots, wild turnips, ostronört and more.

I had this beautiful and delicious salad when I was there for lunch in august.


As Göran Amnegård says, the owner and chef of Blaxsta. -“I botanize forward in our classic food heritage and are looking for flavors and ingredients that are cooked and presented in more modern forms. Our famous tasting menus composed specifically for each chosen company of new and exciting taste sensations. So, join us on our journey, where we continue with our rustic, earthy and genuine style, with very Swedish tastes and ingredients. The most important thing for us is that you as visiting stands in the center and feel the warmth, caring and the ‘feel-good’ that is so important to enjoy the meal.”

I really recommend a visit to Blaxsta. Now in november they will have a 7-course tasting menu with truffles during the Truffle Festival.