Pastry Design


In june I had the pleasure to have a dessert dinner at Daniel Roos house, in his kitchen. We were 6 people around the table, mostly people working in the restaurant business and then it was me and my husband Jonas. We are very interested and passionate by food and taste!
Between 2009 and 2012 Daniel was a member of the Swedish Culinary Team and they took gold in Culinary Olympics 2012. Now he runs his own consultancy and company called Pastry design.

He and his girlfriend Sanna served five different desserts with wine pairings. It was a memorably evening and the most beautiful and delicious desserts I ever have had.


Pre-dessert number one was passionfruit robot with coconut and lime leafs infused tapioca and litchin pannacotta.
The first dessert was Bergamot mousse with honey sponge cake, tea sorbet and bergamot curd. This was one of my favorites. So beautiful!
Dessert number two was caramelized cream bavaorise with salty almond pudding, matcha sponge and rose hip sorbet. This was also so delicious…


Here is Daniel, me and Jonas.
Dessert number three was Daniels version of Peach Melba. Raspberry covered peaches, dried peach mousse, white peach cream and raspberry sorbet.

Dessert number four: Peanut mousse with caramelized banana cream, strawberry marshmallows and  foam with tahiti vanilla. The fifth and last dessert was really beautiful and Daniel had a nice story about the “chocolate stone” and were he find his inspiration. I totally love people with this passion, no matter profession. And Daniel is so passionate about his job. As you can see.


The last dessert ” The Chocolate Stone” Milk chocolate mousse with sea buckthon pannacotta, brown butter powder, chocolate cream, sea buckthorn curd, chocolate snow and sea buckthorn sorbet. To all these lovely desserts they served really nice wines. There were wine from Kiràlyudvar Tokaji 2008, S.Stefano Moscato d’ asti, Huber Eiswien 2009, Robert Sinskey Pinot Gris 2011 and Mas De Lavail Maury Expression 2010.

Now it´s an article out in the swedish magazine “BAKA” from this evening. Bianca Brandon Cox, who is a stylist and photographer has written the article. Bianca was also one of the guests during this dinner, she took all these beautiful pictures.